Corrugated Sheet paper pallet

Paper pallets are not only sturdy and lightweight but also eco-friendly. Despite of wooden pallets paper pallets are vermin free, and 100% hygienic. Cost effective and perfect solution found. But paper has certain limitations. Today, we have successfully overcome all limitations. Paper pallets are more durable, water resistant and lightweight. Paper pallets have loading capacity up to 2 tone.
Customs departments from most of the countries do not allow metals and wood components in shipment as packaging material.
Working Principle
• Clean and hygienic (Does not need Fumigation)
• Highly preferred for Air Shipments due to High Strength To Weight ratio
• Equipped with Water Resistant (WP) Coating making suitable for Sea-Shipments too.
• Approved design by all Countries over the Globe.
• As per norms, few countries avoid shipment with polythene, PU Foam, wood and metal components in packaging material. For those countries Paper Pallets are best option to ship with.
• Greater Stability with robust design during shipment
• Designed as per EURO Standards; Additional support at Forklift spaces, 4 Way Lifting possible.